Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mobile Exhibit Inspires Creativity In Your Group

Illustration of the film screen, art and conversation you could have at your  place.

     The Film Gallery Cafe is now taking bookings for the mobile exhibit. We bring to your group the art films and art. You provide the place, beverages and cafe atmosphere. 
     Just organizing a time and place to contemplate art and film in a conversational atmosphere with refreshments is reason enough to book the Film Gallery Cafe.
     The conversations sparked by the films and art can take off in any direction your group wants and those who attend will be inspired on their individual spiritual journeys.
     Artists and filmmakers in your group will be inspired in their own art production, or discover a way to collaborate with us. Would it not be wonderful for your own artists and filmmakers to eventually create enough to have their own Film Gallery Cafe? We can show them how.
     These results are indeed worth bringing our exhibition to your venue. 
     Even as we go on the road with our current collection more films are being produced. The third film is in production with a finish date of February and will be a fitting way to start the event as it is "A Prayer for Beauty".
     You can choose to follow that up with the more confrontational film "To the Diggers" and finish with the more contemplative "Comforting Hovers", or vice versa. Any order that you think is best for your group and event is your prerogative.
     As other films become available more combinations are possible for return engagements. 
     At the tables we provide helps to encourage conversations such as cards with visuals and text from the films. Simple art materials are set out for doodling. Prints of artwork and DVD sales extend the experience beyond the event.

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