Friday, July 12, 2013

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The reason we have not posted here since Christmas is that we have been busy posting at our new site .
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Our Christmas Story

God can save people
through your art and films

As the shepherds labored . . .
. . . people have been working harder and resting less; under pressure with little time to stop and appreciate God's gifts.  It makes our souls grow colder; barriers to God solidify, causing more trouble in the world.

As the shepherds' attention was arrested . . .
. . . Horizon Gate catches attention and gives incentive to stop, contemplate and open to God.
contributing photos by Bill Booth, John Evans & Mertam

As the shepherds came to see . . .
. . . in the past 12 months over 1800 people have considered God's healing message in our books, visual arts, films, plays, Internet content and discussion groups.
contributing photos by: Sabrina of Baronisi, Salerno, Italy
Ashley Dace & Tom Howard 

In 2013 . . .

. . . we hope to * publish another book * produce another short art film * show our films and art in four times more places * provide theatrical services, consultation and counsel to ten times more artists * and double our presence on the web . . .
. . . providing incentives & aids for people
to open to God.
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Hybrid Art Show In the Works

"The Meeting" by Ester Almqvist, oil, 1929, (Public Domain United States, EU & Australia). Almqvist was a Swedish painter and this work was chosen by the UN to celebrate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, paragraph 20, Right of Assembly.

     Horizon Gate is developing an art show, but not like any other exhibition.
     It calls for the visual artist, performing artist, musician, photographer, sound artist and hospitality artist. Part of the show will pass in front of the viewers; part of it the viewers will walk through. It will be a gallery, a film screening and a café.  
     Artists and arts support workers are invited to come to the informational meeting to learn how to become a part of this hybrid experience.
     The meeting will be on Saturday, Sept. 22, 10:30am to Noon in San Diego.
     Please call our Skype phone, 619-618-0468, for directions to the location. (Leave a message if necessary.)  Of course San Diegans have an advantage here, but collaboration can be done at a distance too. If you are interested in knowing more, but cannot be at the meeting, please e-mail your request for a report to markarturner (at)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

3 Film Packages, 1 DVD

One DVD offers three film packages each including materials for weeks of group discussions.

     The three prototypes of the short art films used in the Film Gallery Cafe are now available together on one DVD.
       This is not just a DVD with some films on it.  Each film is a complete package useful for both personal contemplation and group discussions which could extend for a series of weeks.  The inspiration and creativity that will result could be monumental.
     Each film plays in widescreen and offers bonus materials unique to each including stills of the art used in the film, the text of the poetry, and conversation frames with which to explore the meaning of the film.  
Special Offer On Our Newsletter 
     The DVD may be purchased on the products page of our web site for $32, shipping included. For a limited time you may purchase it for $25 and free shipping, by joining our e-newsletter.  Put your e-mail address in the box in the right hand column and we will send you the March issue where you can find the PayPal button for the special price.  Besides that, you will then be in touch with all the great developments of Horizon Gate.
     Each film can be purchased individually on the products page of our web site for $15 apiece plus shipping.
     Your purchase helps keep us creating more art and films to stimulate significant conversations drawing people to God.

Call for Community of Variety

Please join us on St. Patrick's Day, March 17th, to see our films and talk about the next steps in developing the Film Gallery Cafe.

     True community is made of a variety of people, each possessing capabilities needed by the others, who desire to be part of a phenomenon larger than any one of them.   
     The grand vision of the Film Gallery Cafe is taking another step in forming such a community on St. Patrick's Day, the green color of life day, Saturday, March 17th.  On that day we will tell you exciting developments in the vision, show the prototype films and discuss the next steps.
The Upward Bound Community 
     We are imagining a community where each of us has a personal hold on the common vision and receives fellowship and spiritual growth through creating together. This community will make and exhibit tangible vehicles of art and film which elevate the makers and their audience toward the highest, intangible values of God.
     At our St. Patrick's Day gathering we will be looking for varieties of people who are ready to 
lead (boards of directors and advisors), 
create content (filmmakers, visual artists, writers, musician/composers, performing artists),
exhibit (curators, presenters, crew), 
do business (marketing, bookings, accounting, legal), 
develop (funding campaigns, grant writing),
care for the teams (coordinate, recruit, train, celebrate). 
     All who are interested are invited to attend regardless of how involved they can be. If you are unable to travel to San Diego, we will try to connect you with the meeting via Skype.
     Please RSVP so we can let you know time and place. Mark's e-mail markarturner (at) 

Film: "A Prayer for Beauty" Gives First Preview

Donna Turner presents the film "A Prayer for Beauty" to the St. Paul's Women Together group.
     The third film in our Film Gallery collection was previewed for the first time February 2nd at the Women Together program of St. Paul's Cathedral, San Diego.
     Entitled "A Prayer for Beauty", Mark began production in 2005 based on his poem"Beautify Oh". He had produced a limited edition book of digital illustrations which he began animating with motion graphics. 
     This was the first attempt in the genre which combines visual arts, motion graphics, spoken word, music and sound effects. It is the only film, so far, in which he weaves the text of the poem into the visuals. 

Mark Turner modeled his film score after masters such as Maurice Ravel and Bela Bartok.

A Rich and Complex Sound Track
     The sound track also became the most complex of all three films. Mark scored the music based on models of masters Maurice Ravel, Bela Bartok, Samuel Barber and Gustav Holst. Donna joined her voice with his in both choral singing and verse choir. Even a nightingale, a flycatcher and a blue jay sang along with the wind and waterfall. 
Project Resurrected
     In 2005 other projects forced this to the back burner until last September Donna was invited to present our ministry to the Women Together and we needed a third film sooner than one started from scratch.  Production recommenced full time for five months leading up to the first DVD burn the day before the event.
Well Received 
     Audience reception was very enthusiastic as Donna led a full demonstration of the Film Gallery Cafe including the films, tangible art used to make them and table conversations after each film. Participants commented that they could have spent the whole evening discussing just the one new film. One person said full discussion would require a book to be written. The room was buzzing with intense conversations after each film. 
Composition 12 from the film "A Prayer for Beauty"

Next Stage in Development 
     Work is commencing immediately on the DVD of the film complete with menus of the poem text, stills of the artwork, and conversation cards. The next preview of the new film will be at our Artist Support Group meeting, February 19th. Artists and arts supporters are invited to join us.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Next Short Art Film In Production

Frame #1
Frame #2
Frame #3
A flowered field around a Minnesota Lake peels back to deep space for a transition  in the film "A Prayer for Beauty" by Mark Turner.

     The third in our collection of short art films, entitled "A Prayer for Beauty", is in production with a release date at the first of February, 2012.  
5 Year Hibernation
     This film started as an illustrated poem printed in 2006. The photographic illustrations were then used as a slide show in art exhibits and this motivated Mark to begin animating elements of the illustrations. The motion graphics project was set aside and re-activated five years later to provide a third film in our next demonstration of the Film Gallery Café concept.
New Techniques
     Mark sees a growth in his skills and ideas since first working on the film. For instance, he had been stumped as to what kind of sound track would be appropriate, but now has a rich sound design based on knowledge he has gained in music, spoken word and recording technique. New visual techniques are also enhancing the film.